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Civil Mediation Council



Founded in 2003, the CMC is an independent and neutral body whose charitable aims are to encourage the use of mediation to resolve conflict and to educate all sectors of society about mediation and other forms of dispute resolution.  Through our registration programmes we promote the highest standards of skill, conduct and integrity in mediation and aim to enable access to high quality mediation services.  We act as a link between all who are interested in mediation, in particular our members, the public, businesses, the professions and the government and also seek to provide a forum for individuals and organisations to work collaboratively on areas of mutual interest.


The Family Mediation Council (FMC)

The FMC is dedicated to promoting best practice in family mediation. Our central aim is to ensure the public can confidently access family mediation services that offer high quality mediation. To help us achieve this we have put in place a system of self-regulation, through the Family Mediation Standards Board, which ensures that all of our registered mediators are trained to a high standard, and that FMC Accredited (FMCA) mediators have proved their competency. Our register of mediators can be found online. The FMC also works with researchers, interested parties and government to inform debate and ensure policy makers understand the benefits that mediation can bring.

College of Mediators

The College of Mediators is a membership organisation for mediators and an approval body for mediation-related training. We promote the highest standards in mediation practice. With 320 individual members and 12 affiliated organisations, our membership grows each month. Our members come from all areas of mediation practice, including family, workplace, commercial, community, intergenerational, schools and SEND (special educational needs and disability). Ours is a grass-roots, member-led organisationa community of mediators! Members can access our peer-reviewed journal and receive monthly updates about mediation in our popular e-digest. We organise national and regional events for mediators, with a rolling programme of conferences, meetings and network days.

The Restorative Justice Council

The Restorative Justice Council is the independent membership body for the restorative justice field. The RJC aims to drive take-up of high-quality restorative justice and enable restorative approaches to develop and thrive. We set and champion standards for restorative justice and provide quality assurance. We also work to develop public and professional knowledge and understanding of restorative justice and support for its use, as well as supporting our members to collaborate and develop their practice.

Scottish Mediation

Scottish Mediation was established to raise the profile of mediation in Scotland, act as a professional body for mediators in Scotland, maintain the Scottish Mediation Register of mediators and provide access to quality assured mediation services. Scottish Mediation seeks to, promote a wider understanding of the appropriate use of mediation in conflict management and prevention, support and promote education, training and research in skills and best practice, create and encourage links between mediators and Scottish public, private, voluntary and community organisations and to promote and organise standards of professional conduct and training.

London Community Mediation Council

London Community Mediation Council (LCMC) is a membership group representing the key community mediation service providers in greater London.  Established in 2004, it promotes and seeks to maintain the highest standards of training and professionalism in the delivery of community mediation services.  LCMC also provides:

  • An information source and forum for discussion on community mediation issues, including ethics, monetary value and societal benefits.
  • Accredited training in all aspects of community mediation.
  • A community mediation referral system covering the whole of Greater London.
  • London Mediators Day – an annual mediation conference held each October, with key-note presentations, workshops and informed discussion.

Mediation Awareness Group (MAG)

Mediation Awareness Group (MAG) is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to increase awareness of mediation as a means of resolving disputes of all kinds and across all jurisdictions of the United Kingdom.  It liaises with UK mediation umbrella groups to assist them in promoting mediation awareness and to promote dialogue concerning the attainment of appropriate and compatible professional standards across all mediation sectors. MAG disseminates information and organises educational events about mediation for the benefit of the general public, including business, professional and community interest groups, and is responsible for the organisation and delivery of Mediation Awareness Week.


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